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  • Less than just “ONE” additional sale per month “enterprise-wide” more than pays for the hotlink for the entire month on the defacto #1 directory website in the world in the Mutual Fund Industry (Ranked #1 from 2014 – 2018 – see below)
  • Perfect Branding Support in Front of Existing and Future Customers | Enhance Corporate Image in Front of your 100 Top Peers
  • 1,800 mutual fund customers per month X $2,355 value (gross profit) per customer = $4 million in new business in gross profit on this site per month ($6+ million in revenue each month)
  • Consider maximizing this opportunity with a hotlink (also includes your logo, a short news message, and more)
  • Link fee: $1,800 per month.

In Summary

We are the defacto #1 Mutual Fund Directory in the world with 1,800 high-value unique visits a month
Your new customers, your existing customers, and your industry peers will see you …
Put your best foot forward

How We Help Mutual Fund Companies

  • is the #1 ranked mutual fund directory website in the world in Google search, Bing, Yahoo and mobile search.  We have the data since 2011 to back it up. Your company needs to be here.
  • and help private mutual fund investors quickly and easily gather useful information from the companies to upgrade their investment company.
  • Why this opportunity | #1 Google ranking | high-value traffic | top of Funnel positioning for new clients.
  •  Each prospect is estimated to be worth $2,833 in gross profit over just 3.2 years. We get twenty thousand+ of investor visitors a year. See our years of GA data. So your break-even is selling just 9 new customers a year out of the 20,000 visitors.
  • Corporate PR Professionals. Mutual Fund Company Corporate Subscribers get to actively choose and control what to promote in the comment section. Without your direction, we will add the news of the day. Letting us find something on the net to put in our comments is risky since we are in front of ALL of your competitors and your prospective customers.
  • How to start our service?  Most company PR departments or advertising departments just advise their current advertising agency to start our service on a MTM or term basis.Simple.
  • Ask about our free trial offer via your existing ad agency?
  • Why | Upgrade to your brand shine on the de facto #1 worldwide directory list with all your competitors in YOUR billion dollar niche.
  • Why | These two sites are nearly ONLY reviewed by your | future customers | existing customers (retention) | agents  | competitors | and your peers.
  • Why this opportunity | #1 Google ranking | high-value traffic | top of Funnel positioning for new clients.
  • What | Mutual Fund and Female Investor (new) publishes the top 100 mutual fund companies ranked by Assets Under Management (AUM) each quarter since 2011.
  • How | Mutual Fund is the (2014 – 2017) #1 rated mutual fund directory site in the world and has been on the front page in this billion dollar niche for four years. It is a must for mutual fund company advertisers. Female Investor is new and up and coming site addressing a key and highly profitable niche.
  • Why | This solution helps you move the needle to achieve your metrics at a small ROAS friendly subscription investment.
  • Corporate PR Professionals | Control the message that gets out to investing public and to your top 100 peer companies. I will pull news off the net for non-subscribers which may NOT be your first choice in your message. Reduce your risk and protect your corporate image from random web news.
  • How Much | With a conservative industry average gross profit after the commission of $2,833 per new retail customer over a 3.2-year horizon, your ROA break-even is ONLY about 3 +/- new sales per year. Moreover, your company gets exposure to thousands of retail prospects with many of which in the buying cycle or in the “coveted” self-education process.
  • How to give this a try | Most Investment companies instruct their current advertising agencies to start our service on a trial basis (MTM) or for a short term. Simple.
  • Our 2017 Special Offer | Ask about our free trial if you set this service up via your existing advertising agency
  • Bottom line | Helps move your needle with small subscription rate with a proportionally large impact.  Viewed by your prospects (many in the buying process) | your agents | and your industry peers.

Contact: Mike Dunn | 704-408-8050 | mike@mutualfundmarketingservices

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  • We are still the de facto #1 Directory Site in your Billion $ Niche | You need to be here
  • Perfect Branding Support in Front of Existing and Future Customers | You need to be here
  • Enhance Corporate Image in Front of your 100 Top Peers | This will Help Your Corporate Image
  • We are bloggers so we put up easy news from the web | PR Staff – subscribers control the message
  • Subscribe to and get included for your first term
  • Contact | Mike Dunn | | 704-408-8050 | Will Work Hard For You

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