Why consider advertising with Mutual Fund Marketing Services?


  • 2018 averages 20,000 high-value retail users per year 

  • Average value per user is $5,859 per industry metrics in gross profit after industry average commissions

  • Value on mutualfunddirectory.org each month is 1,700 users X $5,859 value per conversion = is an estimated $9,900,000 in potential each month as of 1/1/19


  • Rate – $1,800 per month for the Premium Mutual Fund Company Advertiser Package

  • Perfect for Branding, PR, and Lead Generation
  • Let’s discuss how we can help you and your organization cost-effectively meet your goals
  • My focus is to be your #1 ranked ROI/ROA advertising vendor you have in 2019
  • Let me show you how just 4 new sales PER YEAR “enterprise-wide” pays for this advertising for the “entire year.”
  • Let me show you how just 8 new sales “enterprise-wide” per year give you a 200% ROI.
  • Let us show you how we can assist in helping you meet your goals and exceeding your metrics
  • My job is to make you look good and produce additional net gross profit – I KNOW I can do that.

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