How we get our traffic that your company can monetize 

  • is the #1 mutual fund company website in the world with $2.4 Billion in retail investor traffic per year as of 8/1/2020. On and
    • We rank the top 130 mutual fund companies in a directory format by AUM each quarter since 2011
    • We post a current blurb on each company (including yours)
    • And we post economic blogs to get our targeted retail investor and broker traffic. 
    • Leverage our highly valuable traffic to your company’s benefit for branding, messaging, retention, and sales support.
    • If we assist in helping your company selling just 4 of the 24,000 median-sized retail investor visitors in a year, our new premium listing service more than pays for itself for the whole year. Give this a try.

Our Story

If you are in Investment Company Marketing, investment Company Management, or a PR/Communications Executive, then this is for you.

Our Value Proposition – Consider Leveraging our laser-targeted retail investor and broker traffic that are looking to make a change. Perfect.

  • The only reasons for retail investors or brokers to visit is if they are looking to make a change or checking up on their existing company. This is perfect traffic for your company for branding, messaging, and sales support.
  • As of 8/1/20, in the past 12 months, there was traffic equating to $2.4 Billion in retail investor potential business with 24,000 visitor sessions. We will GLADLY show you the Google Analytics reports and Google ranking data as documented proof. This documentation will help in the approval process.
  • As of 8/1/20, in the month of July 2020, there was $319 Million in retail investor business. The value of new broker traffic would be in addition to these numbers. Your cost to put your clickable color logo on the site on your listing for branding AND control your messaging instead of the (good or bad) random news-feed and other benefits would have been just $1,800.
  • In the last week of July 2020, there was $91 Million in retail investor traffic on or 892 visitor sessions per Google Analytics. 
  • On July 27th, 2020, there was $16.8 million in potential business. Your prorated subscription investment would have been just $59 to get access to the $16.8 million in potential business on the #1 industry directory in the mutual fund niche.
  • Again, the only reasons for a retail investor or broker to be on our site is if they are in the buying cycle or checking up on your company.
  • Hence, we help with top-of-funnel branding and messaging for retail investors and attracting new brokers. And we help with customer retention.
  • If our highly targeted and valuable traffic and unique directory platform help your company gain just (4) additional median sales enterprise-wide per year, our service pays for itself for the whole year. Using industry averages, that is in terms of gross profit after commissions (A-Share), Not top-line revenue!
  • If our service helps your company gain just one top performer in a year, then our service pays for itself for many years.  
  • I am asking you to give us a paid listing try. You will be glad you did.
  • We will produce for you and you can expect great customer service or you can cancel.


How our targeted traffic and new enhanced listing service directly benefits your company

  • With our new Gold Paid Listing Service you get:
    • To add your color logo on your listing line for branding to stand out in front of the people who matter
    • To add your custom PR or marketing message on your listing line for controlled messaging instead of the existing random news blub. In PR and professional marketing, random is for rookies. Bad things happen to good companies. Help protect your corporate image as an additional benefit with this service.
    • Add a clickable link on your listing line to your landing page form for lead gen
    • An SEO link to increase your company’s SEO from the #1 industry directory website per Google since 2012.
    • And a rotating banner ad for branding and messaging as a bonus,
    • With the Premium Paid Listing Service, you get all these benefits on But for a limited time you also get the same services on for no additional charge. Act fast.
    • Guaranteed or you can cancel
    • Consider giving this a try.

Four 2021 and 2022 Challenges for Investment Companies

Mutual Fund Directory Benefits and Details | (20.7 minutes Length – above)

Worthwhile and Excellent Info for any Marketing Manager, PR Staff, Sales Management, Brokers and Executives in any Investment Company or Mutual Fund Company 

Mutual Fund Directory Video Overview (3:31 short | above)

(Note: 8/1/20 video data update – During COVID our traffic increased by 33% since this video was made in 01/2020 which increases our value to you at the same price for the recommendation in the video.  In the past 12 months, the new and current numbers are 24,000 visitor sessions (was 18,000) or $2.4 Billion (up from $1.8 B in the video)  in retail investor business traffic on the #1 investment company directory website in the world: Learn how to leverage our traffic.

“Here is an easy solution to help make your firm’s 2020 growth numbers


Add this to your 2020 Marketing Plan”

Who is this for?

If you are one of the top 130 mutual fund companies, you are already have a plain listing on our two directories:

  1. (#1 investment company in the world per Google, mobile, Yahoo & Bing) targeting retail investors looking to make a change and investment brokers looking to make a change
  2. (up and coming investment directory website focused targeting female investors


Upgrade to a Paid Listing | Value Proposition

  • If this highly valuable traffic and unique directory platform help your company gain just (4) additional median sales enterprise-wide per year, our service pays for itself for the whole year. Using industry averages, that is in terms of gross profit after commissions (A-Share), Not top-line revenue!
  • If our service helps your company gain just one top performer in a year, then our service pays for itself for many years.  
  • I am asking you to give us a paid listing try. You will be glad you did.
  • We will produce for you and you can expect great customer service or you can cancel

Know, Like & Trust are keys to selling investments

How We Help Your Mutual Fund Company 

  • They will now KNOW your brand by showing your logo your listing on the #1 industry directory

  • They will LIKE your brand with your crediblilty of standing out on the top industry directory and with your focused marketing message

  • They will TRUST your company enough to click the link on your listing for more information on your landing page so you can re-market to them for years with your funnel procress.


  • is the #1 ranked mutual fund directory website in the world in Google search, Bing, Yahoo and mobile search.  We have the data since 2011 to back it up. Your company needs to be here.
  • 319 million in business (July 2020) on our directory website each month. 3,100 retail investors X $5,859 per new customer in gross profit after commissions (A-share or B-Share). More if you count the incremental value of adding a new broker.
  • 24,000 retail investors traffic per year or over $2.4 Billion in business on our site from 7/2019 to 8/2020.
  • Using our offer below, if this helps you sell less than four new customers enterprise-wide in a year out of the 24,000 customers on our website, this more than pays for our service for the entire year. Yes, this is no-brainer.
  • Perfect for Branding, messaging, and lead gen by promoting know, like, & trust for your brand to 24,000 customers who are looking make a change.
  • and help private mutual fund investors quickly and easily gather useful information from the companies to upgrade their investment company.
  • Why this opportunity | #1 Google ranking | high-value targeted traffic | top of Funnel positioning for new clients.
  • Corporate PR Professionals. Mutual Fund Company Corporate Premium Link Subscribers get to actively choose and control what to promote in the comment section. Without your direction, we will add the news of the day is easiest to find. Just look at the comments.  Letting us find something on the net to put in our comments is risky since we are in front of ALL of your competitors and your prospective customers. Control your message and narrative. Just leave time for the FINRA approval process!
  • Existing Brokers and Employees Impact | Your brokers and employees will appreciate being a part of the industry directory. Possible employee morale boost as an inexpensive side benefit. This HR benefit alone could be far more than the small monthly investment. Could the branding, messaging, and new sales would just be a bonus? 
  • How much? $1,800 per month.
  • How to start our service?  Most company PR departments or advertising departments just advise their current advertising agency to start our service on a MTM or term basis. Simple.

Contact us today at for more information, sign up for a trial or sign up for the offer.  Or call at 704-408-8050 for questions or customer service.

  • Why | Upgrade to your brand shine in front of $2.4 Billion in retail investor business per year on the de facto #1 worldwide directory list with all your competitors in YOUR billion dollar niche.
  • Why | These two sites are nearly ONLY reviewed by your | future customers | existing customers (retention) | agents  | competitors | and your peers.
  • Why this opportunity | #1 Google ranking | high-value traffic | top of Funnel positioning for new clients.
  • What | Mutual Fund and Female Investor (new) publishes the top 130 mutual fund companies ranked by Assets Under Management (AUM) each quarter since 2011.
  • How | Mutual Fund is the (2014 – 2020) #1 rated mutual fund directory site in the world and has been on the front page in this billion-dollar niche for five years. It is a must for mutual fund company advertisers. Female Investor is new and up and coming site addressing a key and highly profitable niche.
  • Why | This solution helps you move the needle to achieve your metrics at a small ROAS friendly subscription investment.
  • Corporate PR Professionals | Control the message that gets out to investing public and to your top 100 peer companies. I will pull news off the net for non-subscribers which may NOT be your first choice in your message. Reduce your risk and protect your corporate image from random web news.
  • How Much | With a conservative industry average gross profit after the commission of $5,844 per new median retail customer over a 3.2-year horizon and $103,000 portfolio. With the offer, break-even is ONLY about 4 +/- new median sales in the first year. Moreover, your company gets exposure to thousands of retail prospects with many of which in the buying cycle or in the “coveted” self-education process.
  • How to give this a try 
  • Bottom line | Helps move your needle with a small $1,800 subscription rate with a proportionally large impact.  Viewed by your prospects (many in the buying process) | your agents | and your industry peers.

Contact: Mike Dunn | 704-408-8050 | mike@mutualfundmarketingservices

Give us a try! We want your business!

  • We are still the de facto #1 Directory Site in your Billion $ Niche | You need to be here
  • $2.4 Billion (averaging $3.2 Billion in (5/1/20 – 8/1/20) in potential business on our website per year. Leverage this traffic
  • Perfect Branding Support in Front of Existing and Future Customers | You need to be here
  • Enhance Corporate Image in Front of your 130 Top Peers | This will Help Your Corporate Image
  • We are bloggers so we put up easy news from the web | PR Staff – subscribers control the message
  • Subscribe to and get included for your first term
  • Contact | Mike Dunn | | 704-408-8050 | Will Work Hard For You

Value Proposition for Premium Link Service for 2020

  • is the defacto #1 ranked industry directory in the Mutual Fund Niche worldwide per Google, Mobile, Bing, and Yahoo for the past 5 years and counting. 
  • With all the investment company TV ads bombarding investors, the investing public is confused. When consumers are confused they go to the internet to get more information. That is when small investors come to our website to get more information. That traffic of public investors “in the buying cycle” is our value to you and your company. We put your logo and information of customer in front of your targeted customer who are looking to possibly make a change or addition. Perfect for your branding, PR and customer lead generation.
  • Your advertising or your representative’s cold call is the first step in the sales funnel. We are the 2nd step in the funnel – independent confirmation on the leading mutual fund industry directory website. Let our Premium Advertising Service help you move your prospect to the next step in the funnel. That is even more value to you.
  • The breakeven for the year is just 4 new sales “enterprise-wide” out of the 24,000 mutual fund prospects searching our mutual fund directory site for mutual fund company information each year.
  • If you are like me, you just want each advertising vendor to at least pay for itself. This opportunity puts the numbers in your favor with a Break-Even Point conversion rate needed of just a mere 0.05% out of 24,000 people searching for a new mutual fund company or just 4 conversions in a year.
  • If we help you make just 9 new sales enterprise-wide per year you will have at 200%+ ROI per year on this opportunity.
  • On a monthly basis, less than just “ONE” additional sale per quarter “enterprise-wide” more than pays for the hotlink premium service for the entire month on the defacto #1 directory website in the world in the Mutual Fund Industry (Ranked #1 from 2014 – 2020 – see below)
  • Perfect Branding Support in Front of Existing and Future Customers | Enhance Corporate Image in Front of your 130 Top Peers
  • We have your target traffic. 3,100 mutual fund customers per month X $5,859 value (gross profit) per customer = $18.1 million in new business in gross profit on this site per month 
  • Premium Link Advertising Service – Consider maximizing this opportunity with a hotlink (also includes, your color logo as a hotlink to your landing page, a short news 100 character message that you control instead of a random comment about your company off a newsfeed, a rotating banner advertisement and a highly ranked industry link to your website (see the keyword ranking chart below.) Ask about our bonus for June 2020.
  • Link fee: $1,800 per month


In Summary


We are the defacto #1 Mutual Fund Directory in the world with 18,000 high-value unique visits a year
Your new customers, your existing customers, and your industry peers will see you …

If this site helps you make 4 new average sales per year out of the 20,000 prospects, the service has paid for itself for the year. It gets even better, this 8 new acquisition number “per year enterprise-wide” assumes you will just get half of the new customer’s portfolio. Yes, the intent is to make this a no-brainer. Give this directory premium service a try in 2019.

Put your best foot forward on your industry’s defacto directory

I am asking for your business for 2019. Give this advertising opportunity a try and let us earn your continued business.

We comply with all FINRA regulations. Specifically, we do not receive nor accept compensation for purchase actions by customers. These sites promote the selection of mutual fund companies by retail investors – not the funds or other investments products offered by the companies.

FINRA regulatory notice 10-06 requires “static” messages to be submitted to the normal 10-day FINRA/Mutual Fund advertising process for banner advertisements and the 50+/- character message.

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