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Review the “The Four 2021 and 2022 Challenges that Investment Companies Must Solve.”

Video data update as of 6/8/21

  • Yes, the Covid Issue went away in the span of three weeks. But you will still see the logic and the other points.
  • In the video, the traffic was 29,000 in retail investors in 12 months as of 1/2021.
  • The traffic is now 40,000 unique users in June 2021 and 46,000 sessions in a 12-month period. These are your future and existing customers.
  • In the video, the traffic value was $2.9 Billion in terms of retail investors.
  • Now the traffic value to $4.1 Billion in unique users (retail investors) and $4.7 Billion in terms of sessions in the past 12 months as of 6/8/21.
  • The traffic is still increasing. Leverage this traffic to your advantage.

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