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Advertising Agencies with Mutual Fund Company Clients

Help your mutual fund clients by partnering with Mutual Fund Marketing Services

  • We gladly partner with agencies – all fees paid
  • www.MutualFundDirectory.org is the #1 ranked (by Google) Mutual Fund Directory site in the World for both desktop AND mobile as of 4/171/9. Not just first page – we are #1 organic in many of our keywords. See my Google/Yahoo and Bing ranking tracking for the past nine years.
  • The website was started in 2011. We have been #1 in our niche since 2014. We started getting large amonts of traffic in 2018. Hence, we are not offering our premium link service on this directory website to the top 120 mutual fund companies. Let’s team up? 
  • The gross profit per acquisition/lead conversions is $5,859 in terms of gross profit after commissions.
  • Determination of which agency is the procuring factor or splits rests with Mutual Fund Marketing Services, LLC
  • Extra bonuses to sellers may be offered. Please inquire via email.
  • We want to team with you to help you add further value to your mutual fund customers.
  • Better yet, use this as an new reason to call one of the 120 mutual fund prospects on the list
  • www.mutualfunddirectory.org  AND www.femaleinvestor101.com. They get both for $1,800 month. ($1,799 for mutualfunddirectory.org and $1 for up and coming www.femaleinvestor101.com, if they contract for mutualfunddirectory.org as an introductory offer)